Shuffle Song Of The Day (8/13/18): “Daughters” By The Story So Far

As promised I’m bringing back Shuffle Songs Of The Day starting this week. Like I mentioned in the update blog last week I plan on doing about 3 songs per week, most likely Monday, Wednesday and Friday in a utopian scenario. The only other change I’ve made from the old format involves the lyrics. Instead of only posting my favorite lyrics like I did in the past, I’m now gonna post the full lyrics and highlight my favorite ones in bold. Anyway, let’s get to it.

“Daughters” is a song by the Cali pop punk band The Story So Far off of their 2011 debut album Under Soil And Dirt. I consider TSSF to be major players in the revitalization of pop punk in recent years, and this can be seen clearly by the number of modern bands that have adopted their sound. This particular song talks about the way that a stereotypical sorority type girl acts while she’s away at college. The description of this hypothetical girl’s nightly experience is made even more funny by how accurate it is. We all know girls just like this who get a couple of drinks in them and then anything can happen. This song is all the more reason that I hope I have a son instead, and as always I’m praying for all the dad’s out there that have had to watch their little princesses turn into a drunk sluts right before their very eyes.


Before you twist your tongue

Know there’s no chance at all

Came here against my will

And my will’s tested strong

Until now, I know we’ve never met

But I don’t wanna talk and I’m already upset

That you’ll meet your demise in a drunken man’s bed

Take another pull to make certain you forget

And to think that you’re somebody’s daughter

Away at college not getting smarter

Everything changes when all the lights in the room are as low as you

But don’t trip you’ll sober up soon

Regain an honest perspective as you puke on the floor

Can’t remember why your knees are so cut up and sore

And you’ll be hung over all day. (all day! all day!)

You’ll be hung over all day. (all day! all day)

You’ll be hung over all day. (all day! all day)

You’ll be hung over all day. (all day! all day)

You’ll be hung over all day. (all day! all day)

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