Shuffle Song Of The Day Update

So as you’ve probably noticed by now I haven’t posted a shuffle song of the day on here in a while. I was pretty sure I addressed why when I stopped, but being the forgetful dunce that I am apparently I didn’t. Basically my laptop broke about 2 months ago, and with it went my entire music library (hopefully not forever). I say hopefully not forever because to add insult to injury, I got an email from Apple recently that informed me somebody in India tried to hack into my Apple account. Apple locked my account obviously, but this unfortunately leads to more problems. The email I used for my Apple ID is from like 11 years ago and I have no clue how to get into it. I’ve been back and forth with Apple trying to figure it out, but without a laptop it’s kinda pointless, so once I get a new computer I’ll hopefully be able to sort it all out. Here’s a live look at my feelings toward all things computers right now

You might be wondering why I don’t just use my Spotify account for songs, and the reason is because my Spotify library doesn’t hold a candle to my ITunes library. I’ve been building my ITunes library for about 10 years and I have over 5,000 handpicked songs from every genre out there. For that reason I decided to put Shuffle Song Of The Day on hold until I get it back. So when exactly will that be? Well due to the fair amount of gambling debt I’m currently in, money has been tighter than an asian virgin’s pussy these days, so I haven’t bought a new laptop yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Depending on how good my PGA bets go the next few days, I should have enough to get a new laptop this weekend. So if all goes to plan, I’ll have a computer and my Itunes library back and should be back to normal by next week. However, I should mention I’m probably not gonna post a song every single day anymore. Less is more sometimes, and I think posting songs sporadically throughout the week adds a whole new meaning to them being randomly shuffled songs. I’ll probably do about 3-4 songs a week, which also gives me more time to focus on blogs with other topics. Well that’s all for now. Make sure you wish a dude some luck on my bets this weekend because fuck a pair of shoes, daddy needs a new laptop.

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