The Oscars Are Giving Out One Participation Trophy This Year

So folks here’s a hot take…

The Oscars are garbage, and this is coming from a self proclaimed big time movie boy.

Basically what happened is the Oscars decided to add a new category to its award show: Best Popular Film

Now let me be the second to last to say this is idiotic. Allow me to explain.

Many are speculating they did this for the sole reason of giving Black Panther an award because they were scared it wasn’t going to win or be nominated for any important ones like Best Picture or Lead Actor or whatever. Which it won’t and it shouldn’t be. And then fake angry people would storm to twitter and call the Academy racist and the internet would blow shit out of proportion and so the Academy is getting ahead of the pack by creating this entirely new BS award to give to Black Panther to prove they’re not racist.

Listen, The Oscars are for uptight highty-tighty art house dramatic pictures and the very few genre movies that are smart enough to outgrow their genre like Get Out last year.

Superhero movies aren’t supposed to get nominated for Oscars, because superhero movies are fucking blockbuster bullshit that are made for money not for art, the Oscars are to celebrate art.

Many people were mad about Wonder Woman not being nominated for anything last year and calling the Academy sexist which is dumb as fuck because Wonder Woman sucked and shouldn’t have been nominated for shit. Now the first Black Superhero movie comes out and people think that should be nominated. It shouldn’t. That’s not how the Oscars work.

It’s about drama. It’s about prestige. It’s about art. It’s not about pleasing the masses until apparently today.

Also don’t think I’m some prude film purist weirdo, I really didn’t give a shit. I guess I just think it’s funny that people get so fake mad online that the fucking Academy of Motion Pictures have to take preliminary steps to avoid it, causing people to get fake mad online anyways.

When will people learn that you can’t win vs. the internet, so just stay the same and ignore the faux outrage.

Also I realize I rambled. It’s 5 o’clock and I’m unemployed, I’m buzzed, get familiar.

-movies are tight though



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