What Is A Diaphragm?

Are you a guy (or chick)? Do you not know what a diaphragm is? Well I used to be just like you. But then I googled it, and now I’m smarter than you. So let me bring you up to speed…

This is the first episode of: Things I Just Googled And Now Know

So listen, I’ve had sex with a ton of girls (2) but I still don’t know much about what’s going on down there. I’ve heard of diaphragms in pop culture and around the block a few times. Pretty sure it’s come up in Seinfeld here and there so I figured I’d learn my knowledge.

A diaphragm is basically an inside out condom that chicks stuff up there thing a couple hours before they get the dicking. They’re supposed to use it with spermicide, which is exactly the same thing as pesticide except this time the pests are your sperm! -speaking of is this a pro-life issue? Are anti-abortion people also anti-spermicide? Is a sperm not a person til it tunnels its way into an egg? Talk about being co-dependent-

And that’s pretty much it! They’re supposed to boil it in water before they put it in the first time and then clench down hard for a full minute so it morphs into the perfect size of the girls insides. Exactly the same way people use mouth guards.

Also they come in all shapes and sizes and colors, you can even get some that support your team!

Hope you got learned today

-Budd D

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