Leslie Jones Made Some Great Points About Comedy As A Guest On The View

Have you ever heard your grandma say something along the lines of, “Even a broken clock is right twice a day”? Well here is a perfect example of that idiom come to life. SNL “star” and “comedian” Leslie Jones was on The View 2 days ago and made some surprisingly fantastic points about the current state of comedy. Here’s a quick clip of her rant:

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Leslie Jones, hence why I put the words star and comedian in quotations in the above paragraph. Now I know what you’re thinking, but no I don’t dislike Leslie Jones because I’m from Boston and racist. I just think her entire shtick of being the loud, angry black woman all the time isn’t funny whatsoever. So although I don’t think she’s the best embassador for all things comedy, I do love the truth bullets she dropped in this interview. Here are some cliff notes of my favorite things she said

-When asked about holding comedians accountable for jokes from the past, she said “I think that’s so stupid. It’s just so dumb. Do you know how long I’ve been doing comedy? I’ve been doing comedy since 1986…..you can’t hold me accountable for what I did in 1986. I mean, I wasn’t smart. I’m so happy social media wasn’t going on in my twenties”

“Stop holding comedians to this standard. Stop doing that. Our job is to make the ugliest stuff funny. That’s our job. We are court jesters, we are clowns, that’s what we do. We come out and make the terrible situations laughable… unless you wanna cry for the rest of your life”

“The best way to conquer pain is laughter. So let comedians do their jobs. Let me explain something to you – you’re not letting comedians do their jobs – and you’re MISERABLE. Stop walking around so offended. You’re not gonna be able to survive life if you walk around offended”

-“Just like watching [an] actor, just like listening to music, just like looking at art — laughter is a release that you are now cutting off! Stop walking around so offended!”

*Begins clapping*

Bravo Leslie. Bravo. Everybody is so offended these days that comedians are afraid of producing controversial and hilarious content, and you know it’s getting bad when even cast members from a liberal circle jerk like Saturday Night Live are calling people pussies. A comedian’s only job is to be funny, and that’s a pretty difficult thing to do when the outrage police are constantly on patrol and handing out life sentences because they can’t handle hearing a racy joke. There’s a pretty simple solution to not exposing yourself to things that you dislike, and that solution is to fuck off. That isn’t a joke either. Literally just avoid things that you don’t like and let normal people laugh at funny jokes and offended pussies like yourself if you fall into that category.

I’d be doing a bit of a disservice to myself and the readers if I didn’t mention that Leslie jones is a bit of hypocrite with these statements though. She was a major driving force behind getting controversial political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos banned from Twitter for making fun of her and that awful feminist remake of Ghostbusters she was in. Either all jokes are okay or none are Leslie, so I do have to call her out for that one. In that moment she became the very thing she claims to hate, and if that isn’t the definition of a hypocrite I need to buy a new dictionary. Despite the Milo Twitter drama, Leslie did win some points with me for using her present self to right her past wrongs and call out the lunacy of the PC crowd. I think it’s about time we all stop giving into the cries of the vocal minority and go back to living our lives as normal, unoffended human beings. My suggestion to anybody that finds themselves the target of the outrage mob is to stand your ground and give them a nice and tall one of these

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