World Cup Betting Update (Round 3)

Round 3 of the World Cup concluded today and the results of my bets were less than satisfactory. It seems Lady Luck wasn’t on my side for these games. Let’s see the results


Saudi Arabia Vs. Egypt: 2-1 (LOSS)

Uruguay Vs. Russia: 3-0 (LOSS)

Iran Vs. Portugal: 1-1 (LOSS)

Spain Vs. Morocco: 2-2 (LOSS)

Australia Vs. Peru: 0-2 (LOSS)

Denmark Vs. France: 0-0 (LOSS)

Nigeria Vs. Argentina: 1-2 (WIN)

Iceland Vs. Croatia: 1-2 (WIN)

Mexico Vs. Sweden: 3-0 (WIN)

South Korea Vs. Germany: 2-0 (LOSS)

Switzerland Vs. Costa Rica: 2-2 (LOSS)

Serbia Vs. Brazil: 0-2 (LOSS)

Senegal Vs. Colombia: 0-1 (WIN)

Japan Vs. Poland: 0-1 (WIN)

England Vs. Belgium: 0-1 (WIN)

Panama Vs. Tunisia: 1-2 (WIN)

For the first time all tournament I batted under .500 for this round. Sad! How could my quarter let me down like this? 7 out of 16 is less than ideal, but oh well. Fucking way she goes. I guess that’s the risk you take when you willingly flip a coin and randomly bet money on a sport you know nothing about. I can only go up from here, and my quarter and I can’t wait to get back out there and give it another shot on Saturday for the 16 round.


  1. Really enjoyed reading this. Maybe you should have placed your bets based on my cat Louis Catorze’s predictions. He has been spot-on so far! ⚽️

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