World Cup Betting Predictions (Round 3)

In what feels like it’s moving faster than a crackhead on his way to meet his dealer, The World Cup is already entering round 3. So far my quarter and I are 19/32 when it comes to betting, which is honestly way better than I would have done if I tried to do it without my $.25 friend. Another thing I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned is Ive only been betting moneyline on these games. With the spread and ties I probably would have won more, but that’s just the fuckin way she goes. As promised, here comes my predictions for round 3

Round 3 World Cup Coin Flip Predictions

Saudi Arabia Vs. Egypt: Egypt

Uruguay Vs. Russia: Russia

Iran Vs. Portugal: Portugal

Spain Vs. Morocco: Spain

Australia Vs. Peru: Australia

Denmark Vs. France: Denmark

Nigeria Vs. Argentina: Argentina

Iceland Vs. Croatia: Croatia

Mexico Vs. Sweden: Sweden

South Korea Vs. Germany: Germany

Switzerland Vs. Costa Rica: Switzerland

Serbia Vs. Brazil: Serbia

Senegal Vs. Colombia: Colombia

Japan Vs. Poland: Poland

England Vs. Belgium: Belgium

Panama Vs. Tunisia: Tunisia

My confidence level is at an all time high right now because my quarter has been red hot lately (AKA 59% correct so far). Let’s hope this good luck streak continues through round 3 because Drunk White Kid needs a new pair of shoes as they always say.

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