World Cup Betting Update (Round 2)

The second round of The 2018 World Cup came to a close today and I’m sure those who’ve been following my betting escapades are wondering how me and my quarter did. I went for 8/16 in round one, so did I improve this round? Let’s see

Round 2 Coin Flip Betting Results

Russia Vs. Egypt: 3-1 WIN

Portugal Vs. Morocco: 1-0 WIN

Uruguay Vs. Saudi Arabia: 1-0 WIN

Iran Vs. Spain: 0-1 WIN

Denmark Vs. Australia: 1-1 LOSS

France Vs. Peru: 1-0 LOSS

Argentina Vs. Croatia: 0-3 WIN

Brazil Vs. Croatia: 2-0 WIN

Nigeria Vs. Iceland: 2-0 WIN

Serbia Vs. Switzerland: 1-2 WIN

Belgium Vs. Tunisia: 5-2 WIN

South Korea Vs. Mexico: 1-2 LOSS

Germany Vs. Sweden: 2-1 WIN

England Vs. Panama: 6-1 LOSS

Japan Vs. Senegal: 2-2 LOSS

Poland Vs. Colombia: 0-3 WIN

Turns out I did show some improvement this time around, going 11/16 in round 2. That’s means I batted a cool 69% (Nice), which also means that I actually won some money. I’ll continue on with my coin flipping for round 3, and will likely put up the blog either today or tomorrow depending if I have the free time or not. Peace out y’all


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