World Cup Betting Predictions (Round 2)

As most of you know, I’ve decided to put my faith in a quarter this year and have been simply flipping a coin to make my betting decisions. In round one I went 50%, which is actually pretty crazy when you consider the definition of probability. As promised I’ve decided to do the same for matchups in round 2, so let’s get to it.


Russia Vs. Egypt: Russia

Portugal Vs. Morocco: Portugal

Iran Vs. Spain: Spain

Uruguay Vs. Saudi Arabia: Uruguay

Denmark Vs. Australia: Australia

France Vs. Peru: Peru

Argentina Vs. Croatia: Croatia

Brazil Vs. Costa Rica: Brazil

Nigeria Vs. Iceland: Nigeria

Serbia Vs. Switzerland: Switzerland

Belgium Vs. Tunisia: Belgium

South Korea Vs. Mexico: South Korea

Germany Vs. Sweden: Germany

England Vs. Panama: Panama

Japan Vs. Senegal: Japan

Poland Vs. Colombia: Colombia

There are plenty of picks on here that I would’ve decided differently, but hey, that’s the fun in using a quarter instead of logic. Hopefully I can improve from my 50% showing in round 1 and win some cash this time around. As always, #Pray4DrunkWhiteKid’sWallet

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