South Korean Soccer Players Switched Jerseys To Try To Confuse Sweden


In what might be the greatest strategy of all time, South Korean players changed jerseys during practice sessions to try to throw off potential Swedish spies. Their rationale? Since everybody thinks that all Asian people look alike, why not swap jerseys so nobody can tell who is who?

Now before you cry racism, that’s actually what the South Korean coach said when asked why he did it. That isn’t a joke either, here is his actual quote: “They might know a few of our players, but it is very difficult for Westerners to distinguish between Asians and that’s why we did that”. He correctly confirmed what everybody else has been saying for years: All Asian people look alike. They look so much alike that even they agree with the statement. So much so that they attempted to confuse Swedish scouts who were watching their practices and games by simply wearing different jerseys so they couldn’t be identified by last name.

Above is a picture of the South Korean Men’s National Team. Hairstyles aside, there isn’t much diversity in the looks department. When your whole team is 5’8″ with brown hair and above average mathematic skills, it’s pretty tough to differentiate between the players. They’re basically like a pack of zebras that use their similar looks to blend together as a means of survival. Evolution is all about adapting to survive, and that’s exactly what the South Korean team tried to do yesterday. Unfortunately they lost their match to Sweden (Also losing me money, fuck), but I respect the hell out of them for attempting to use racial stereotypes about themselves to their own advantage.


  1. Hey did u ever watch that hand thing video with that weird Saint John figure? If so, tell me – is it creepy or funny lol ?
    I can’t decide 😂😳

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