Quick World Cup Betting Update

With the first round of the World Cup coming to a close today, I figured I’d do a little update on how my coin flipping bet strategy is working out. I’ll preface the results by saying it definitely could’ve gone better, but seeing as I suck at picking teams for myself I’m happy with the outcome. So without any further ado, let’s get down to it.

World Cup Round 1 Coin Flip Bet Results

Russia Vs Saudi Arabia: 5-0 (WIN)

Egypt Vs. Uruguay: 0-1 (WIN)

Morocco Vs. Iran: 0-1 (LOSS)

Portugal Vs. Spain: 3-3 (LOSS)

France Vs. Australia: 2-1 (WIN)

Argentina Vs. Iceland: 1-1 (LOSS)

Peru Vs. Denmark: 0-1 (LOSS)

Croatia Vs. Nigeria: 2-0 (WIN)

Costa Rica Vs. Serbia: 0-1 (WIN)

Germany Vs. Mexico: 0-1 (LOSS)

Brazil Vs. Switzerland: 1-1 (LOSS)

Sweden Vs. South Korea: 1-0 (LOSS)

Belgium Vs. Panama: 3-0 (WIN)

Tunisia Vs. England: 1-2 (WIN)

Colombia Vs. Japan: 1-2 (WIN)

Poland Vs. Senegal: 2-1 (LOSS)

In a freak turn of events I went exactly 8/16, which being the math genius that I am, translates to 50%. I guess flipping a coin really does yield 50/50 results. In my previous blog I trashed probability but here I sit, egg on my face, apologizing for my slander. If it wasn’t for the fact that soccer can end in a tie, which is more retarded than missing chromosomes, I would’ve probably done way better. The first game of round 2 happened today (Russia Vs. Egypt) and I fortunately did win on my coin flip with Russia. I’m starting round 2 1/1 so far and I’ll throw up the full blog tomorrow with all of my second round picks. So far I’m even Steven and haven’t won or lost any money, which is quite the change of pace for ol’ Drunk White Kid. Im just gonna keep praying to the Coin Gods to bless me for once in my fucking life and let me win money for a change.

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