Uber Will Soon Refuse To Pick Up Drunk Passengers And I Say Fuck It Let’s All Drink And Drive Instead

Uber will soon figure out if you’re drunk and can then refuse to pick you up if you’re too fucked up

Click that hyperlink for the article or don’t cuz my blog will tell you all you need to know anyway.

Listen folks the whole point of Uber and Lyft and fucking taxi cabs is to give rides to people who for whatever reason can’t drive themselves, wether that be they don’t have a car, they’re headed to the airport and leaving their car at home, maybe they got picked up by a friend who bailed and have to find a way home on their own, or maybe they got shattered and decided to be responsible adults and not drink and drive.

Would Uber rather see people get behind the wheel while trashed and achieve some DUI points? Perhaps run a few people over by accident and catch a vehicular manslaughter case. Maybe the CEO of Uber also has stock in a bunch of auto shops and is banking on drunk people to crash into other cars and make a boatload thru the repairs. I don’t know what their thinking is. If you don’t wanna drive drunk people around pick a different profession, what’s the point of Uber if not whipping drunk people, or raise the price. If I’m a couple miles from home and I’m 16 beers deep at 3 in the morning chances are I’m willing to pay upwards of 20-30 bucks to get home. Supply and command.

PS: so also this has nothing to do with Uber but Yo I’m a big fan of drunk driving. I do that shit all the time. But I’m good at it. I don’t support people who are bad at drunk driving but with that said I don’t think Shitty drunk drivers should ruin it for us good and responsible drunk drivers. In fact I think we should have drunk road tests to prove we can responsibly drive while 6-10+ beers deep. Maybe test everybody’s BAC and where they max out is where the line is for every individual instead of the bullshit .08% that’s in affect now for everybody. People are different from other people, folks. Diversity. I know a bunch of people who I can drive better than while .18% than they can drive at .00%. I’m just good at it, don’t hate me for it.

PPS: don’t take that seriously because even though I 100% mean every word of it if you try to come at me I’ll say it was a metaphor for gun laws or something idk

Stay boozin folks, and only drive if you’re good at it, or if Uber refuses to wheel you.


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