ESPN’s Power Rankings For The NBA Next Year Are A Joke

Over the past few years, ESPN has become the laughing stock of the sports world. They tried to focus more on entertainment than they did on sports, and it blew up in their face like a poorly made bomb. Every show on ESPN manages to somehow center around sucking Lebron’s dick or calling all white people racist (Looking at you Jemele Hill), and their ratings have suffered accordingly. In their latest joke of a take on sports, they released their annual NBA Way Too Early Power Rankings on Twitter

I know these are the way too early Power rankings, but are you kidding me? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the Celtics beat the Sixers without our 2 best players (Kyrie and Hayward) and a red hot off the bench Theis. “Rookie” Of The Year Ben Simmons scored one point against us in game 2. ONE POINT. I mean, the Celtics would’ve beat the Rockets in the finals too this year, so next year it won’t even be close once we have a healthy roster.

It all depends on where Lebron ends up signing with, because whatever team that is instantly jumps to the top 3 in the rankings. Insane that he has that much of an influence, but it’s true seeing as Cleveland sucked and made it to the finals under his guidance. Despite this, it’s gonna be Golden State Vs Celtics in the finals next year. My official Drunk White Kid prediction is Celtics in 6, 107-98, you heard it hear first. I mean come on, you really think a healthy Celtics team is gonna lose to these clowns on The Warriors?

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