Free Idea For Barstool Sports: Send Nate Abroad In An “An Idiot Abroad” Segment

Have any of you degenerates seen An Idiot Abroad? It’s good shit and it gets the Budd Dwyer seal of approval. It’s a show created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (the creators of The Office, ever heard of it? As well as Extras and a bunch of other hilarious shows) where they send their good friend Karl Pilkington…

(This guy)


…to different cities and countries all over the world and basically watch him as he navigates different cultures and foods and places and people. The funny part of the show is that this guy is simply a lazy depressed bumbling idiot who doesn’t like traveling at all and would rather be in his flat in England drinking some juice and watching the discovery channel or some boring shit. So they send this guy all over the place and watch him interact with these new environments and it’s truly great.

Fuck you if I’m doing a bad job explaining it, watch some clips…

…or full episodes if you wanna start it…


So back to the title…

This would be a brilliant idea to do with Eric Nathan aka Barstool Nate from the critically acclaimed website Barstoolsports (dot) com.

If you don’t know Nate just look at these pictures of him–





Haha yea you get it.

So to the good people over at Barstool, think about it? It wouldn’t be anything like Donnie Does because Donnie is likeable and likes to travel and is naturally funny when he tries to be. It would be more like An Idiot Abroad but with Nate being a gremlin spidermonkey weirdo. (no hate here I’m a big fan)

Nate would obviously not want to do it but Dave and Erika should force this upon him in the name of content imho. And even if Nate embraced this project and actually tried to make it good it would be hilarious watching him do a terrible job, which in fact would make it a good job.

(Don’t let Smitty tag along cuz their whole feud rivalry nonsense is played out nowadays)

To the non-Stoolie readers, my apologies, you kinda gotta follow Barstool to get any part of this blog. Give them a look, or don’t, what do I give a shit they never brought me in for an intern interview 2 years ago and I kinda hate them for it and only follow the site begrudgingly now.

As always, lata boozies.

-Budd Dwyer

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