RIP Anthony Bourdain

Listen if a life full of heroin, fine dining, and worldwide travel can’t help someone with suicidal thoughts then I think that’s it. There is no cure. All these happy people can stop pretending like they care about mental health by sharing the suicide prevention hotline and we can just get over the fact that sometimes people feel sad and sometimes they feel so sad for so long they do some permanent shit to themselves and their family’s.

Obviously be nice to people and don’t be a dick but bottom line let’s all stop pretending to care about mental illness and depression over the internet when we all know that not one of us gives a shit about it in real life. We don’t know how to see the signals we don’t know when someone is suffering or going through a tough day/Week/month/year/etc. we don’t know shit and we keep living our lives selfishly, which isn’t a bad thing. Everybody lives selfishly, it just is what it is. Life. Don’t look too deep into it.

Now I see I’m coming off like a dick so let me of course say RIP to the late great legend of food and travel Anthony Bourdain. Perhaps the saddest part of this whole thing is that he left behind an 11 year old daughter.

He kicked a heroin addiction and led a thought to be incredible life full of great entertainment. He was a fucking hell of a story teller. He owned 5star restaurants, starred in a dope TV show, ate great food and traveled to great lands.

Now admittedly I haven’t always been a big Anthony Bourdain guy, got into him very recently actually maybe last summer and binged a couple seasons here and there. So read into this little piece however you will. It’s a sad day for the fans, it’s a sad day for his family.

The people that never knew him, we can move on without having to pretend mourn over the internet it’s cool.

RIP. Here’s a couple good clips…


  1. What I hate is the collective “grieving” of celebrities – especially who killed themselves – when SO many younger, healthier people die every single day tragically that no one outside of their communities will ever even hear about. It’s like when you have fame for some trivial, silly reason people who you don’t know suddenly give a shit about your feelings and life.
    I don’t get it, unless it’s someone who made a positive impact on the world in some meaningful, lasting way, who really cares that some aging man who got rich promoting a horrendously unhealthy diet offed himself? He probably couldn’t live with the guilt.

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    • Hey Amanda thanks for reading. I agree with you on most of that comment until you started calling Bourdain just an aging man who promoted an unhealthy diet and not having done anything significant. If you watch his stuff and look into him he really did live a full and amazing life that inspired many people to travel and venture out of their comfort zones. I’d call that significant. His show was one of the very few that promoted the idea that we shouldn’t fear people of other countries and cultures. He was a great man. But I do hate the fake grievances from people online simply to make it seem to others that they care and have feelings and all that bullshit. But again, appreciate the comment and feel free to follow for more of my scattered thoughts if you’d like. All love here

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