MIT Scientists Created A Psychopathic Artificial Intelligence Robot, But I’m Sure Nothing Will Go Wrong

Some cool yet equally frightening news has come out of MIT recently, and I’m just as interested as I am terrified. Turns out some scientists there decided it would be a good idea to create an artificial intelligence robot named Norman. Sounds harmless at first, but the thing about Norman is that he’s actually named after Norman Bates from Psycho. This name choice wasn’t just a way of paying homage to a great book and movie, but instead this robot was basically trained to have psychopathic tendencies just like good ol’ Norman Bates. They did this by showing Norman nothing but violent imagery from various subreddits and then delivering a Rorsach test, which is the ink blot test that psychologists use to determine mental health. For every ink blot shown, Norman responded that he saw something violent whereas a regular AI bot saw normal things like a dog. Some examples of things that Norman saw when staring at ink blots were a pregnant woman falling off a building and a man being shot dead in front of his screaming wife. Although it’s kinda cool that we have robots that can interpret ink blot images in different ways, I’m also freaking out and you should be too.

I’ve heard plenty of bad ideas in my life, but this one right here takes the cake. I thought MIT kids were supposed to be smart, but turns out they’re actually stupid and want the world to end via robots. I mean come on guys, psychopathic robots? Haven’t you nerds ever seen The Terminator? Schwarzenegger’s famous line “I’ll be back” is becoming more and more evident the further we go with these weird robot experiments. Although I love movie, the last thing this world needs is for that to become based on a true story.

This is especially concerning for me because MIT is only a few miles from my house, and I’ll be a pretty easy target for these violent robots because I’ll probably be passed out in an alley somewhere later on tonight. I think it’s cool to have robots solve hard math problems, and I was okay with the creation of those weird sex robot things, but scientists need to chill out with all this artificial intelligience stuff before we all became enslaved by the newly created robotic race.


  1. 😳
    This is scary…
    But it might just be my favorite blog of yours yet – next to your thoughts on the NFL kneeling policy…
    Your writing is very moving.
    And even though the news is scary to begin with – your writing made it scarier…
    So I guess what I’m trying to say is – Thanks for scaring the crap out of me 😂😂😂

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  2. My personal favorite blogs of yours, are when u do news stuff like this and give your insights.
    So like not just news stuff, also your thoughts.
    That and obviously shuffle song of the day!
    Great job man!!!

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