The Supreme Court Finally Put An End to That Ridiculous Wedding Cake Controversy

In what was hilariously described by CNN as “narrowly decided”, The Supreme Court declared yesterday in a 7-2 decision that the Colorado bakery that refused to bake a cake for a same sex wedding is allowed to do so. Naturally, people took to social media and started bitching about it immediately, because fake outrage is always more important than interpreting context. “This is homophobic!” the idiots cried all day on Twitter, and per usual they couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t know why I always end up having to be the voice of reason, but here’s my attempt at explaining why this is perfectly okay.

First and foremost, I’m all for gay rights. If 2 dudes wanna fuck eachother or 2 chicks wanna scissor all day, that’s fine by me (Especially the latter scenario if they let me watch/join). That being said, your rights don’t mean that other people lose their rights. What I mean by that is gay people should have the right to get married just as much as private businesses should have the right to not bake a cake if they don’t want to. The bakery in question was a Christian bakery, and the owner said he didn’t agree with gay marriage and therefore didn’t feel comfortable making the cake. The altercation should’ve ended there, and the gay couple could’ve just gone to another bakery that wanted their business. But nope, they decided to complain until it made it all the way to The Supreme Court. What a fantastic use of time and resources. For those that think this case isn’t about individual and religious rights, consider these scenarios:

I walk into a Jewish bakery and demand that they make me a cake that has a picture of Hitler saying, “The Holocaust Was Awesome”. In addition to that, I also want them to make me some cupcakes with swastikas on them. Due to their Jewish roots, I’m gonna assume they would feel uncomfortable doing so. They would rightfully refuse me service, and maybe even kick my ass before I left the store.

Another example would be I walk into a Muslim bakery. I say to the guy behind the counter that I want a cake that says, “Mohammed was a pedophile who had a small dick”. Actually never mind, I want a cake that says, “All muslims are terrorists”. I’m no fortune teller, but something tells me I’m not gonna receive either one of those cakes, atleast from that bakery I won’t.

To offer up a non-religious example, let’s say I found a bakery owned exclusively by black people. One day I walk in wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit and ask for a cake that says, “Bring back slavery”. Should they have to make that cake? Ofcourse not, so why should a Christian baker have to make a cake for a wedding that he doesn’t agree with?

If I owned a bakery, I would make any cake that somebody wanted because I like making money. If somebody wanted a cake that said, “Drunk White Kid sits down when he pees”, I’d laugh my ass off, make the cake, and then overcharge them for it. I understand why that bakery decided to turn those customers away because they didn’t agree with them, and I think any rational person would have just gone to another bakery. People seem to have forgotten this, but you actually have the right to be a complete asshole if you want to. If somebody walks into your business and you don’t wanna do business with them, you can tell them to fuck off and leave your store for absolutely no reason. It might not be the best business strategy, but it is something you’re allowed to do as a free citizen. That’s what America is all about, and that’s why we’re the best country in the world.


  1. Was wrong of the Christian to do so. Ridiculous and very un-Christian. Glad to see you back man, sorry about yesterday. Just don’t associate with crazy people/mean people, you shouldn’t have approved her comment and just ignored her.

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    • I agree because like I said in the blog I would’ve just made the cake, but I do back up his right to make whatever he decision he wants. And nah man, I live for idiots like that, which is why I kept responding to her

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      • Appreciate it. And haha I guess that the difference between me and you: I’m a drunk asshole that loves shooting the air with idiots because it’s entertaining. And I’m gonna try to post about recent stuff more often so good looks on the following

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      • The devil talking? Dude I like you but chill out with all the god/Satan talk. I respect your religious beliefs but the only person talking when I talk is me, and if I get better or worse, it’s a result of me making those decisions

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      • I appreciate the toning down God talk, but as for toning down my swearing: Fuck off. I’m from Boston and that’s how I talk. I’ve respected your beliefs, So respect my vulgarity, okay?

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      • I do respect your vulgarity. And I’ve liked your stuff with cursing and only mentioned it one time.
        Please don’t tell me to f*ck off. That’s not what friends do. You’re better than that. I understand your vulgarity in certain aspects, like when you’re serious and what to get your point across. I get that. That’s fine. All I’m saying is that if you do tone it down, so will my “preaching”. It’s how I talk. Your language is respected. It’s fine – but you’re a smart guy my friend. You’re a passionate writer and actually very intelligent. I know you can finish a few blogs with cursing. Only an idiot couldn’t. And you’re not an idiot. You’re a smart guy. You better believe it. Also, if you want to get a great job and get a hot girlfriend and all that – toning your language down is good. Because no girl s want to hang out with a cursing machine, and their parents wouldnt like you either. And you couldn’t do it in a job interview – as they would think you are an idiot. Look man, I don’t want to fight. What I’m trying to say is sorry I guess. I guess the reason I talk about God so much around you is because it’s helped me so much in my life – and maybe it could help you too. That’s why I talk about it. Not trying to make you feel uncomfortable, just trying to help. Because it’s helped me in my life tremendously. But hey, swearing is okay for me. It’s not anything serious and harmful that’s coming out of your mouth. I won’t bring up theology. Because I don’t want to fight. Let’s just keep talkin music 🙂


  2. I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’m sorry. I’ll tone it down. I like you too. But if we are in the spirit of toning stuff down, could you please do the same with your language? I respect you and all that – but please do tone it down.


  3. Just give yourself positive motivation. If you tell yourself shitty stuff like how you’re an “asshole” you might start to believe it.

    But from a literal stand point, I apologize.
    Btw I read the whole conversation on your getting fat post – you were hilarious 😂😂😂
    You’re a pretty clever guy. You honestly handled in really well.


  4. Works both ways though. That’s how friendship is. Less God talk from me means less cursing from you. That’s what friendship is. I’m not trying to be judgmental, and I wouldn’t have said anything – but since you brought it up and I thought it was time.


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