Acrobatic FBI Agent Does A Backflip And Accidentally Shoots Somebody

This video is going pretty viral right now, so I figured I’d throw my 2 cents in about it. Basically what happened is an off-duty FBI agent accidentally shot somebody at a Denver bar the other night. This accidental discharge happened because he did a backflip while dancing, his concealed gun fell out of his holster, and it somehow shot and hit somebody when he went to pick it back up. The general consensus of everybody right now seems to be that this guy is an idiot, but I’m gonna offer up a different take to this whole thing: That was downright impressive.

Doing a back flip and shooting somebody is something I’d expect Neo from The Matrix to do, so hats off to this agent for making it happen in real life. If you ask me, part of the blame really lies on the guy that got shot. He should’ve been paying more attention and gotten out the way once the bullet was coming at him. Be better next time. Although, this dude is about to get so paid once he sues the FBI agent’s balls off, so maybe it was all part of the plan.

Another great aspect of this story is that he didn’t even get arrested. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure shooting somebody through your own negligence in the middle of a crowded bar is illegal. Classic abuse of power scenario right there. The FBI also came out and said that it’s unclear if the agent was drinking at the time. Uhh, are you fucking serious? Only losers go to bars sober, and we’ve already established how cool this FBI agent is so I know he was pounding booze. Nobody just decides to dance like an idiot and then try to do a backflip/handspring/whatever the fuck he did in the middle of a crowded bar without having a BAC over .15.

The FBI hasn’t released his identity and I’m pissed about it. Not because I want him to get arrested, but because I wanna hang out with this guy. He clearly loves booze, carrying guns when he’s not supposed to, and doing stupid stuff when he’s drunk. I feel like we’d get along perfectly. So if you’re reading this mystery FBI agent, hit me up. Let’s do some beers, possibly shoot innocent people in a bar as a result of our drunken dance moves, all while remaining immune from arrest due to your government connections.

PS: I love how nonchalant he is after he realizes he just dropped and discharged a gun at a crowded bar. Just raises his hands in the air as if to say, “Whoops. My bad guys, won’t happen again” as he calmly walks away and probably heads to the bar for another beer.

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