Shuffle Song Of The Day (6/02/18): “Mass Pike” By The Get Up Kids

“Mass Pike” is a song by The Get Up Kids from their 1999 EP Red Letter Day. I guess I’m a little biased to liking this song because it references a Massachusetts highway, but I think I’d like the song anyway. It’s supposedly about the lead singers girlfriend and the long trips he would travel on the Mass Pike to go visit her at her college in Boston. So apparently he has fond memories of the Mass Pike, but whenever I think of it I just think of traffic and flipping people off because they can’t drive for shit. To each their own I guess.

Favorite Lyric(s)

I wonder when I wander home

If I’ll be fit to drink alone

Sleep with my memories

Pictures, apologies

For every minute yesterday

Regret reminds me anyway

If I remember anything

I’ll make mistakes again

Last night on the Mass Pike

Thought I was losing you

Last night on the Mass Pike

I fell in love with you

I will declare a holiday

The night that she turned me away

I’m drowning in my miseries…

It solves everything

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