Anti-Smoking Ads Make Me Want To Smoke Cigarettes

I’ve been watching the second season of Fargo lately. It’s pretty good, not as good as the first season, but still very good. I watch it on Hulu because I’m 24 and don’t have cable. Now I don’t play that premium Hulu for 5 extra bucks a month because i am a poor and that means I have to watch commercials every 15-30 minutes. Also something Hulu is retarded about, they only have like 3 commercials and just show you the same ones every single time there’s a commercial break. I don’t know if they only own these 3 or if there’s an algorithm that specifies which commercials are right for me based on what Zuckerberg and Obama have figured out but I have become pretty well versed on the Superfly trailer (looks fucking terrible), this allergy medicine where a bear is hugging you so you can’t breathe and then you take it and the bear stops hugging you and kinda looks depressed, and lastly an anti smoking ad where some chick is drilling a butt and some dude that she wants to bang is disapproving of her and now she regrets smoking because it turned this dude off. Buddy that’s the most retarded shit I’ve ever seen, Anti-tobacco is worse than Big-tobacco if you ask me. Anti-tobacco people are just the nerds in high school that like, petition for things and run for student body. The ones who care about the world and other people and want everyone to be their best and live up to potential. I fucking hated those kids, buddy if I wanna smoke a cigarette I’m gonna smoke a cigarette. Freedom of the mind body and soul, lungs are a part of the body so maybe those Anti-Smoking people are a little Anti-Freedom if you ask me, smokings been a part of my America since my father would get bombed on Budweiser and Marb Reds ever since I was old enough to remember stuff. Anyway I do want to smoke a cigarette right now so I’m gonna bounce and also I’m shattered so I hope this is a clear blog.

Also I haven’t been blogging lately cuz nobody reads this damn blog and that needs to change or maybe I just need to be a better blogger so I’ve decided to rebrand.

I will still only blog hammered and the rest I’ll figure out later.

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