Shuffle Song Of The Day (5/29/18): “Break The Bank” By Schoolboy Q

“Break The Bank” is a song by Schoolboy Q from his 2014 album Oxymoron. This was one of the promotional singles for the album, and was one of those songs that I couldn’t stop listening to when it came out. I’m talking I would play it and then rewind it and play it again over and over. There’s just something about that piano beat is mesmerizing, so shoutout to The Alchemist for making this awesome beat. I was also really high one day and realized that the high pitched noise you hear throughout the song is actually a sample of Toad screaming from Mario Kart. I laughed my ass off when I had that realization, and I’m a firm believer this song should say “Feat. Toad from Mario Kart”.

Favorite Lyric(s)

Swinging for the fence I hope I make it out the park, where the baseheads slide

After dark, where the bangers get caught

Hid the gun in the trees, arrest me by the court

I just wanna smoke weed and sip lean by the quart, for real

Good weed I hit that, crack rock I sold that

Oxy I hid that, right by my nutsack

Good grades and skip school, this life gon’ catch up soon

Sure ‘nough that shit did, 20 year old kid

Got off my behind, write me some sweet lines

‘Cause one day my story gon’ pay

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