Shuffle Song Of The Day (5/27/18): “Rather Unique” By AZ

“Rather Unique” is a song by AZ from his 1995 album Doe Or Die. AZ might be the most underrated rapper of all time, and despite his raw lyricism and collaborations with famous rappers such as Nas, he never really achieved mainstream success. Maybe it’s better that way though because AZ can remain the hidden gem that he is, only to be enjoyed by those that know him. I’m sure he would’ve loved to make it big for monetary purposes, but I’m sure he doesn’t mind that he is solidified as a king of the underground scene.

Favorite Lyric(s)Far from feeble, I leave your nostrils hard to breathe throughCause my cerebrals are more of a higher plane than the Hebrews

My whole persona’s kinda laid back like a reclinerAnd since a minor, I been fucking with marijuana

Puffing trees to get me high as trapeze, looking JapaneseAt ease when I’m stacking G’s, so let’s discuss, plus degrees

The ghetto savior, smooth, the real playa with flavorMoves be major, with un-explainable behaviorThe word’s on the street so keep your ears to the concrete

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