Shuffle Song Of The Day (5/20/18): “Just What I Am” By Kid Cudi

“Just What I Am” was the lead single from rapper Kid Cudi’s 2013 album Indicud. This album was the return of Kid Cudi, after dealing with a series of mental health issues and attempted sobriety. For this album, he relapsed and gave us the old drugged up Kid Cudi vibe that many fans had come to miss over the years. This song holds a special place for me nostalgia wise because when it came out, it instantly became the official weed smoking song of my friend group for quite some time. Everytime I hear it now, I almost feel high just thinking about all the good times I had back in the day while listening to this song. I have high hopes for the Cudi album coming out this summer produced by Kanye, and I hope it’s just like this.

Favorite Lyric(s)

I’m just what you made God, not many I trust,

I’ma go my own way God, take my fate to wherever you want

Early in the morning I’m wakin bakin, drankin, contemplatin

Ain’t no such thing as Satan, evil is what you make it

Neighbors knocking on the door, asking can we turn it down,

I say “ain’t no music on”, she said “Nah that weed is loud”

I wanna get high y’all

Need it need it to get by y’all

Can you get me high y’all?

I diagnose my damn self, these damn pills ain’t working fam’

In my spare time, punching walls, fucking up my hand

I know that shit sound super cray but if you had my life you’d understand

I’m what you made God, fuck yes I’m so odd

Thinking ’bout all my old friends who weren’t my friends all along

When it rains it pours, whiskey bottles on the sinks and floors

Everyday to find sane’s a chore, amidst a dream with no exit doors

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