Shuffle Song Of The Day (5/18/18): “They Want EFX” By Das EFX

“They Want EFX” is a song by the Brooklyn hip hop duo Das EFX from their 1992 debut album Dead Serious. Known for their unique rhyming style, which is especially evident in this song, Das EFX was a major driving force in the underground hip hop scene of the 90’s. Due to the fact they combine absolute jibberish with actual lyrics, the best analogy I can make is that it kinda sounds like Ned Flanders rapping. “They diddly Want EFX” is a lyric I could imagine hearing in this song, and that’s fine by me because the flow and beat is so dope.

Favorite Lyric(s)

So Peter Piper, I’m hyper than Pinocchio’s nose

I’m the supercalafragilistic tic-tac pro

So one two, um, buckle my, um shoe

Yabba Doo, hippity-hoo, crack a brew

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