Shuffle Song Of The Day (5/16/18): “Free The Robots” By Capital Steez

“Free The Robots” is a song by deceased Brooklyn rapper Capital Steez from his 2012 mixtape Amerikkkan Korruption. Capital Steez took his own life at the age of 19 by jumping off of the Flat Iron Building in NYC later that year on December 28th. Due to this, he completely missed out on the success of Pro Era, a rap group of which he was a founding member alongside his childhood friend Joey Bada$$. I’ve talked about Steez before in my Pro Era blog, which was likely the last verse he ever recorded. Suicide is sad enough, but the fact that he ended his life right before achieving recognition for his rapping skills makes it that much worse. #LongLiveSteelo

Favorite Lyric(s)

Illuminati tryna read my mind,

With an eagle eye,

And the haze got me thinking “why?”

We killed Osama and plenty innocent people died,

We should see the signs,

But we Stevie blind

If it all ends in 2011, will God come through or will he actually forget us?,

Cuz apocalypse is getting closer,

But we more focused on the youth sipping soda,

Fuck a sugar act, niggas out pushing crack,

And I lost my father figure because of that

It’s a mans world, but a white mans planet,

And doors are slowly closing while we falling through the cracks of it,

It’s a shame that flipping crack will be the best alternative if you don’t make it in rap

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