Shuffle Song Of The Day (5/15/18): “Punching In A Dream” By The Naked And Famous

“Punching In A Dream” is a song by the New Zealand indie band The Naked And Famous from their 2010 debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You. I’m a sucker for bands that can incorporate so many different styles into their music and The Naked And Famous tow the line of rock and electronic perfectly. The name of the song is also cool because the phenomenon of not being able to punch in a dream is so strange to me. Any time I dream about fighting I always get my ass kicked because I physically can’t punch and it sucks. I sorta think it’s a reflection of your self conscious and how you feel about violence, but who knows, I failed psychology after all. The 3 things I can’t do in a dream: Fight, run from danger, and finish if I’m fucking somebody. In short, my dreams kinda suck.

Favorite Lyric(s)

All the lights go down as I crawl into the spaces

Fight, flight, or the screams, life tearing at the seams

Wait, I don’t ever want to be here

Like punching in a dream, breathing life into my nightmare

Bright lights turn me green, this is worse than it seems

They’ll get through, they’ll get you

In the place that you fear it the most

In the corner, where it’s warmer

In the face that you wish was a ghost

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