Now That Sports Betting Is Legal What Do We Do About Pete Rose?

Listen folks I’m a certified big time Pete Rose guy. The all-time league leader in outs as well as hits, games, at-bats, and singles is a feat (I only knew about him being the hits leader but shoutout Wikipedia with the FACTS) but what everyone really loves about Pete Rose is him being a degenerate gambler who still to this day hits on women(girls) under the age that the government thinks is okay.

He played ball for 24 seasons and managed for 6 and never bet against his team (wink wink sure buddy I’m with ya don’t worry).

Now since marijuana became legal and everyone is calling for all these drug addicts and distributors to be released from jail I have a counter proposal. They can be released if Pete rose can be inducted into the HoF. The guy deserves it.

You don’t win the World Series MVP after a 7 game series against the Sox after Carlton Fisk prematurely ejaculated his victory dance which was still fucking awesome cuz that was an all time homerun without also betting on yourself to win and making a boatload two ways, right?

Here’s a couple highlights, long live Charlie Hustle…

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