Netflix Recommendation Of The Week: The Week Of

NBA and Stanley Cup playoffs are in full effect. It’s gonna be cavs and warriors we all know it. The celts have been a blast to watch though and I am curious about what’s gonna happen in the rockets/warriors series to see if that pussy Harden actually shows up or if the warriors run his shit in 4 games like everyone expects anyway. NHL playoffs are always the best playoffs in professional sports and my Golden Knights are headed for the cup (rip to the Boston/Vegas Stanley Cup we all wanted) and the caps/pens and preds/jets series have both been great shit to watch, but if you find some free time with all that and baseball season or if you don’t give a fuck about sports and just wanna watch some Netflix here’s this weeks recommendation:

The Week Of

Folks I’m fully aware that Adam Sandlers glory days are 20+ years behind him and the shit he’s been putting out in the last decade or so has been absolute trash but I’m still gonna watch out of loyalty and respect and this one was actually good and funny.

Official score: Actually Good and Funny

It’s basically Sandler’s daughter and Chris Rock’s Son are getting married and the two families meet the week of the wedding and hilarity ensues but it doesn’t go the expected black vs white race issues or whatever that you probably thought. In fact it pretty much totally avoids anything race related at all for a refreshing change. It’s more about class issues and money with some good ol Sandler style comedy muttered throughout.

Don’t get me wrong, weed and alcohol encouraged to make this better. But I watched it hung dick spread titty on my couch and it was funny enough for me to not only watch the whole thing but actually enjoy and laugh through.

You should know what to expect,



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