Is Barstool Big Cat And Don Fanucci From The Godfather: Part II The Same Person? A Conspiracy Theory…

Folks I did 0 market research and honestly have no idea if anyone else alive agrees with me here but these are my thoughts and you will read them.

Big Cat and Don Fanucci are the same person. In fact I will go so far as to say Big Cat is the actor who played Don Fanucci in The Godfather: Part II back in ’74. The evidence is in all over the place.



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Buddy I also did 0 google research to get better pictures. I coulda got some fucking good ones if I put effort into this blog but I figure these speak for themselves. Imagine Big Cat with the stache and a little stubble on his fat face. Imagine if Don Fanucci interviewed professional athletes and pissed himself sometimes. Wanna disagree with me now?

The conspiracy theory lies in the dates and ages of these performers. Big Cat looks idk 30? Probably like 33 if I were to guess of the top and not look it up. Don Fanucci looked maybe high 40’s / low 50’s back in 1974. So to explain…

He’s a time traveler. And an actor. Gastone Moschin was the “actor” who played Don Fanucci and what has he done since? I don’t know and I don’t care. Big Cat found a way to time travel and in like 15-20 years will quit the internet life for simpler times and go back to the 70’s where he will work with DeNiro in his prime and be a part of the greatest movie ever made.

Did I convince you? No? Well imagine if I put more than 15 minutes into this blog. Think about it……

-Budd not Buddy

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