“The Simpsons” Just Became The Longest Running TV Show

The Simpsons, the classic animated sitcom we all grew up on, is now officially the longest running primetime, scripted TV show ever. The previous record was held by the show Gunsmoke, but The Simpsons beat it out tonight with their 636th episode. I’m sure the creators and actors from Gunsmoke all let out a collective, “D’oh” when they heard the news, but most of them are probably dead by now anyway. I didn’t watch the episode because new Simpsons sucks balls, but this is still pretty impressive. SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX FUCKING EPISODES. The Simpsons started in 1989 for Christ’s sake, and wanna know what else was going on in 1989? The Berlin Wall was still a thing separating East and West Germany. The Simpsons started a month after The Berlin Wall came down, and it’s still on TV to this day. Bananas. But like I said earlier, I haven’t watched the show in years because it got pretty bad eventually. Seasons 1-9 are amazing, and I make an exception for seasons 10-15 because those remind me of my childhood, but everything past that is kinda garbage. Despite that, The Simpsons was a big deal in my house while growing up, so it wouldn’t feel right to not talk about them reaching this milestone. For that reason, I’m gonna post some “Best of” compilations for some of my favorite characters. Hot take, but I think the minor characters on The Simpsons are way funnier than the main ones

PS: A lot of the videos are shitty and the audio doesn’t match up because of copyright, but they’re still classics so fuck it

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