Shuffle Song Of The Day (4/27/18): “Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’” By Wu Tang Clan

“Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'” is a song by the legendary rap group Wu Tang Clan from their 1993 debut album Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers). Widely cited as one of the most influential rap albums ever made, this album is the (killa) bees knees. Wu Tang’s style is second to none, and I can only imagine how crazy this album was received when it came out back in 93. What a lot of people don’t know about Wu Tang is that they love retro Chinese Kung fu movies, which explains their name and samples. It’s hilarious to just think about Wu Tang sitting around stoned as fuck and laughing at old kung fu movies in a Staten Island trap house. I’ve watched a few of them out of curiousity, and most can be found on YouTube. Ironically, “The Mystery Of Chess Boxing” is my favorite of the films I’ve seen. Wu Tang released an album recently, and trust me when I say that Wu Tang Clan still ain’t nothin to fuck it.

Favorite Lyric(s)

The game of chess is like a swordfight,

You must think first before you move

Raw imma give it to ya, with no trivia,

We’re like cocaine straight from Bolivia,

My hip hop will rock and shock the nation,

Like the Emancipation Proclamation

Well I’m a sire, I set the microphone on fire,

Rap styles vary and carry like Mariah,

I come from the shaolin slum and the isle I’m from,

Is comin’ through with nuff niggaz and nuff guns

So if you wanna come sweatin, stressin contesting,

You’ll catch a sharp sword to the midsection,

Don’t talk the talk, if you can’t walk the walk,

Phony niggaz are outlined in chalk

Steamrollin niggas like a eighteen wheeler,

With a drunk driver drivin’, there’s no survivin

My peoples are you with, me where you at?,

In the front, in the back killa-bees on attack,

My peoples are you with, me where you at?,

Smokin’ meth hittin cats on the block with the gats

Here I go, deep type flow,

Jacques Cousteau could never get this low

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