Shuffle Song Of The Day (4/26/18): “My Darkest Hour” By Scary Kids Scaring Kids

“My Darkest Hour” is a song by Arizona post hardcore band Scary Kids Scaring Kids from their 2005 debut album The City Sleeps In Flames. They formed while the members were still in highschool, and they got their name from a Cap n Jazz song. Cap n Jazz is another great band that was led by American Football frontman Mike Kinsella, who I talked about in a blog a few days ago. Although this band seemingly mastered incorporating the keyboard into emo music, they only made 2 albums. Scary Kids Scaring Kids broke up in 2010, and a reunion is unlikely due to the fact that lead singer Tyson Stevens died of a heroin overdose in 2014. The only thing scarier than scary kids is heroin, so don’t touch that shit folks.

Favorite Lyric(s)

Let me up

Let me out

I am suffocating

I can’t live without this all behind me

Is this almost over now?

The luck is like my darkest hour,

Where you will find me, paralyzed and dying,

From the truth

You left me at the alter

My heart in my hand

I am tired and broken

Haunted by memories of,

The life you’ve stolen,

I am tired and broken

Let me up

Let me out

My lips are trembling

And I cannot make a sound,

My love betrays me

And now my only hope is to take back what you’ve stolen

Shuffle Songs Of The Day Spotify Playlist

Let me up

Let me

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