Shuffle Song Of The Day (4/25/18): “Off The Rip” By French Montana feat. Chinx

“Off The Rip” is a single released by French Montana in 2016. The song features the late NY rapper Chinx, who was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in 2015. In typical French Montana fashion, the song talks about selling cocaine and fucking, which are both very cool things. When this song first came out, my friends and I would basically listen to it on repeat while we were pregaming because it definitely pumps you up. Being the Drunk White Kid that I am, I also had to look up what “Off The Rip” meant. Turns out it means immediately or at the beginning. Example: I ejaculated off the rip while having sex last weekend because I’m terrible at it. Make sense? Glad I could help.

Favorite Lyric(s)

Bitches bust it open, eating pusy off the rip,

West Side, getting blood money with a crip

Spend a car note on my fit, boy,

Manute Bol hanging off my clip, boy,

Niggas running like a skit, boy,

I’ll push you on my skit, boy,

On my wrist is a brick, boy,

Built an empire brick by brick, boy

Oh me oh my my,

Cut dope, gonna need more quinine

Started with a hooptie and I went and got a Beamer,

Pull up in a boat, Titanic La Marina,

Shout out to young gunner, spend a hundred on my timer,

Looking through the smoke and mirrors, smoking marijuana

Rarri and the Gatti and the Beamers and the Benzes,

Homicide tryna knock my door off the hinges,

Riding with some Cubans that be fresh up out the border,

Making back a whole thang, breaking down a quarter

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