Netflix Recommendation Of The Week: Scarface

Folks listen you’ve all seen this movie and you all love this movie. It’s a god damn incredible movie. Easily the greatest cocaine movie of all time. Easily the greatest rags to riches movie of all time. Arguably the greatest rise and fall movie of all time.

I’m a big fan of drugs and I’m a big fan of cocaine. I’m also a big fan of drug and cocaine movies. I like to watch movies about things I know and love, like sports and cocaine. I’m still waiting on that Josh Hamilton movie, or that Chris Herren movie, or hell I’d even watch a Lamar Odom movie. His life seemed to get pretty movie worthy at the end there. Is he dead yet? Who cares?

But this is a masterwork that is one of those movies you catch yourself having not seen in 3 years and what the fuck is that all about, it’s on Netflix. Rewatch it. Realize why it’s so damn fucking good.

I’m gonna drop a couple memorable scenes down below to get the old, “damn I kinda wanna watch Scarface again” vibes goin.

Without further adudes….

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