Shuffle Song Of The Day (4/21/18): “Narcolepsy” By Third Eye Blind

“Narcolepsy” is a song by Third Eye Blind from their 1997 debut self titled album. When most people think of Third Eye Blind, they tend to only think of their hits like “Jumper” and “Semi Charmed Life”, but their self titled album is filled with jams. This is my personal favorite Third Eye Blind song, and I love its ability to change pace and mood throughout the song. The lyrics are also really good, and ask a very cool question: How’d you like to be alone and drowning? Hmm, sounds pretty shitty. I’ve talked before about how bad drowning would suck in a previous blog, and being alone while doing it would just make it worse. Everything is better with company, even drowning. So thanks for asking Third Eye Blind, but I’d prefer to drown with some other people if I had to choose.

Favorite Lyric(s)

I’m on a train, but there’s no one at the helm,

And there’s a demon in my brain starts to overwhelm

And there’s a demon in my head who starts to play,

A nightmare tape loop of what went wrong yesterday,

And I hold my breath ’till it’s more than I can take,

And I close my eyes and dream that I’m awake

And there’s a bone in my hand that connects to a drink,

In a crowded room where the glasses clink,

And I’ll buy you a beer and we’ll drink it deep,

Because that keeps me from falling asleep

How’d you like to be alone and drowning?

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