Random Rabbithole: Doug Stanhope

For those of you who don’t know, Doug Stanhope is a hilarious comedian from Worcester, MA. He’s well known for his “I don’t give a fuck” on stage appearance, and he regularly performs while drinking beers and smoking cigarettes through his entire set. His main topics include booze, drugs, and being an idiot, so his comedy perfectly resonates with me as a Drunk White Kid. He did some work with The Man Show back in the day, but for the most part he is an under appreciated stand up comedian who does relatively small shows compared to what he deserves. Despite doing smaller shows, the guy has a ton of material and has appeared on podcasts, TV shows, and filmed many standup specials. A lot of his full standup specials can be found on Youtube because he doesn’t give a shit about copyright, and I’m gonna post a few of my favorite bits and specials below.

Full Specials

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