Shuffle Song Of The Day (4/18/18): “Never Meant” By American Football

“Never Meant” is a song by the math rock band American Football from their debut 1999 self titled album. Leaders of the midwest emo movement, American Football unfortunately disbanded after their debut album. However, they released a new album in 2016, but it doesn’t even hold a candle to the OG one. I may seem like a haters an older fan, but I’ll admit the recently released music video for “Never Meant” is cool. It gives off a very 90’s feel, and nails the original meaning of the song by visualizing a story about love that gets lost. American Football is the perfect combo of great guitar work (Math rock) and lyrics that really mean something (emo). Very good band, and I’m glad Mike Kinsella decided to return and make another great album. If you wanna see more of his genius, check out Joan of Arc, Owen, and Mike Kinsella.

Favorite Lyric(s)

Let’s just forget,
Everything said,
Everything we did,
Best friends and better halves,
And the autumn night when we realized,
We were falling out of love,
(There were some things that were said that weren’t meant)
But we never did,
Not to be,
Overly dramatic,
I just think it’s best
‘Cause you can’t miss what you forget,
So lets just pretend,
Everything and,
Anything between you and me,
Was never meant

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