Netflix Recommendation Of The Week: Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This?

Welcome back boozies,

We’re talkin Netflix. We’re talkin stand-up. This is Bill Burr’s first stand up special and let me tell ya it’s a fantastic fucking special. Stand up is one thing that’s become fucking bull shit over the past couple of years because of the liberalization of America. You can’t joke about this and you can’t joke about that. A favorite Bill Burr quote of mine that I’m gonna paraphrase cuz I can’t be bothered to look it up: What am I gonna do, get on stage and ask the audience, hey what am I allowed to make jokes about today?

This special was long before America went PC psycho and Bill Burr makes fun of awkward homophobic scenarios, how movies about racism are fucking retarded and white people are better at being racist than Hollywood makes us think, I don’t know, shit like that. Women and how they’re lesser and also how the Earth is overpopulated and we need to shed the fat off this god-for-saken planet.

You can watch the entire special here if you’re chillin on your phone or too lazy to put Netflix on your TV:


Or here’s a couple classic bits from it:


-Budtholomew Dwyer Ph.D.

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