Shuffle Song Of The Day (4/14/18): “Constant Headache” By Joyce Manor

“Constant Headache” is a song by the California punk rock band Joyce Manor from their debut 2011 self-titled album. Two punk songs in a row and that’s the beauty of shuffle songs of the day, you never know what you’re gonna get. Joyce Manor used to a lot more punk back in the day, such as in this album, but recently they’ve developed an almost Weezer like sound. Both sounds work, I still think they’re a great band that was able to switch their sound without compromising their greatness. As for the song itself, it’s really cool. There are a lot of theories online about what this song is supposed to be about, but I think it’s supposed to be from the point of view of a dog. If you look at the lyrics, it talks about watching somebody without always understanding what they’re doing or why, which could either be really deep or like I said and it’s just about his dog and what he sees when his owner comes home drunk one night. Music is open to interpretation, and that’s part of what makes it great.

Favorite Lyric(s)

I could hear you coming,
So I hid by the couch,
You were talking so loudly,
I don’t know what about.

But you were drunker than high school,
Self-conscious and sweet,
I never ever felt so cool,
Disguised in your sheets.

But I’m a constant headache,
A tooth out of line,
They try to make you regret it,
You tell them, “No, not this time”

I’m just a constant headache,
A dead friend’s advice,
You hang me up, unfinished,
With the better part of me no longer mine

And then you finally found me,
Pretending to sleep,
You said such nice things about me,
I felt guilty and cheap

You took two steps to the kitchen,
And just stared at the sink,
I couldn’t hold back a smile,
I still wish I could have seen

You having sex in the morning,
Your love was foreign to me
It made me think maybe,
Human’s not such a bad thing to be

But I just laid there in protest,
Entirely fucked,
It’s such a stubborn reminder,
One perfect night’s not enough

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