Animals That Go Extinct Are Idiots. Fuck ‘Em.

Listen folks whenever I hear people say or more accurately read people write shit about how bad humans are for the environment and how we’re killing the o-zone layer and cutting down forests and animals and plant life are dying at a collosal rate and animals are going extinct and it’s all human’s faults I’m like Fuck it, who honestly gives a shit?

Like I get it the o-zone layer is important (but I don’t really know why) and blasting a hole in it wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but what are ya gonna do? There’s already a hole and we can’t fix it so why not make the best of it and release more emissions and use hairspray more anyway the fuckin fumes and shit will just go through the hole and up to space anyway.

And yo I like forests, no lie forests are dope I’m a fan of them. But I mean, fuck em. If we wanna build neighborhoods and the forests are in the way then pave over that shit. The tigers and snakes and shit will find somewhere else to live no worries they know what they’re doing.

But listen West African Black Rhinoceros’s…


Cute right, they’re extinct now. Last ones died in 2011 or 2006 or something cuz of poaching cuz people love their horns and that’s fucked up but I mean, maybe if those things ran over and stabbed a poacher or two they’d still be here.

Tasmanian Tigers


Used to live in Australia but had to bounce to Tazmania after fuckin Europians those white bastards moved to the country. I don’t know how they died off but I think it’s white people’s fault. And if we’re being real, fuck em. White people win again. Shoutout us. Undefeated for the last 2000 years or so I don’t know. Fuckin Can’t keep their eyes off the pinstripes.

Fuck dead animals I care more about the alive ones personally nbd.



Damn buddy I’m fucking wasted.


-Buddard D. Stark

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