Shuffle Song Of The Day (4/12/18): “Brick” By Ben Folds Five

“Brick” is a song by the North Carolina rock band Ben Folds Five off of their 1997 album Whatever and Ever Amen. For awhile people thought the song was about being in a relationship with somebody with a terminal disease, but lead singer Ben Folds revealed it’s actually about when his highschool girlfriend got an abortion. He said he didn’t wanna make a political statement or anything about abortion, but just wanted to explain what it felt like to go through that at a young young age. The catchy piano and the song’s emotion driven lyrics made the song a hit in a lot of countries, and it remains Ben Folds Five’s most popular song. I also like how detailed he explains the story, such as adding that they waited for her parents to go on vacation to sneak off and get an abortion. Fucked up situation, but it’s usually fucked up situations that lead to great music being made. So thank you for not wearing a condom or pulling out back in highschool Ben. Otherwise, just like your unborn kid, this great song wouldn’t exist.

Favorite Lyric(s) 

Six AM, day after Christmas,
I throw some clothes on in the dark,
The smell of cold ,
Car seat is freezing,
The world is sleeping,
I am numb

Up the stairs to her apartment,
She is balled up on the couch,
Her mom and dad went down to Charlotte,
They’re not home to find us out

And we drive,
Now that I have found someone,
I’m feeling more alone,
Than I ever have before

She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly,
Off the coast and I’m headed nowhere,
She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly

They call her name at seven thirty,
I pace around the parking lot,
Then I walk down to buy her flowers,
And sell some gifts that I got

Can’t you see,
It’s not me you’re dying for,
Now she’s feeling more alone,
Then she ever has before

As weeks went by,
It showed that she was not fine,
They told me son it’s time to tell the truth,
She broke down and I broke down,
‘Cause I was tired of lying,
Driving home to her apartment,
For the moment we’re alone,
She’s alone,
I’m alone,
Now I know it

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