Classic YouTube Thursday (Not Throwback Thursday): Drinking Out Of Cups

New Segment boozies, Classic YouTube Thursday and not Throwback Thursday cuz I don’t really fuck with throwback Thursday fuck you.


without further ado my dudes

 This is a fucking classic even if you don’t know the story behind it. I remember seeing this for the first time when I was like 12 or whatever and I was laughing my ass of for no reason at all just because the shit this dude says is baked out loud funny.. It’s fucking hysterical.
The urban legend is that it’s a recording of a dude tripping on acid while by himself locked in a closet and boy I fucking believe it even if I know that’s not the real story. It just makes it that much better. I imagine a dude tripping balls seeing random shit and spewing nonsense and I love it.
The true story is weak and I hate it but respect it cuz the video is a fucking classic. It’s some music college student who created a voice recording back in like ’03 talking about random shit he saw while flipping the channels on tv with the sound off and using a long island accent just fucking around and the class thought it was great, then some other dude in the class made the visuals and they posted it on YouTube back in ’06 when YouTube came into existence and it blew both of their names up but not enough for them to still be relevant.
Do your own research if you give a shit but I don’t I just geek out at this shit still 12+ years later.
-I’ll do better next Thursday maybe but prob not if we’re bein honest.
-B. Dwyer

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