Shuffle Song Of The Day (4/11/18): “Not Give A Fuck” By Fabolous

“Not Give A Fuck” is a song by Fabolous from his 2003 album Street Dreams. This is a pretty typical Fabolous song, and what I mean by that is it’s filled with punch lines over a great beat. I really wish hip hop could go back to this era, better yet the 90’s rap scene, but unfortunately rappers today are too concerned with popping xannies and dressing like trannies. While on the topic of fashion, lets talk about how ridiculous some rappers used to dress. The baggy pants, the oversized t shirts, the hats that were barely on their heads. So classic, and atleast it was funny back then and they still looked like thugs. I mean just look at Fabo on that album cover. Dude is wearing a giant purple fur coat that kinda looks like something Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations would wear. It’s a depressing realization, but that coat probably costs more money than I’ve made in the last 6 months at work. I wish rappers would get back to making good songs and dressing like absolute goons, because I miss seeing Fabolous looking absolutely *Feminine gay voice* “fabulous” (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Favorite Lyric(s)

I’m particularly picky,
When it comes to licky licky,
Have ’em slidin’ off them Vickie’s quickly

I’m fly enough, to do better,
But pimp enough to not give a fuck,
And I’m thug enough, to do better,
And gangsta enough to not give a fuck,
I’m hustlin’ enough, to know better,
But ballin’ enough to not give a fuck,
And I’m, old enough, to know better,
But young enough to not give a fuck

I’m in a throwback so old,
It’ll make your grandma glance,

These dudes don’t stand a chance,
When I pull up like the pamper brand,
Those in the Lambo slants,
With a madame from France,
With a ass so big you couldn’t hide it in hammer pants

But right now you can lie and gossip too,
And later on be the guy the Mossberg’s to,
And right now you can try to prosecute,
But later in you gone die in the hospital

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