Mark Zuckerberg Is In The News Again And Well Well Well…


Lol sorry this was clickbait I’m trying to see if clickbait will work to get me more clicks. Maybe I’ll try a story about a busty chick next or maybe even a white man being a sexual assaulter or a black man robbing a liquor store or a cute puppy. I’m a big internet guy and what I’ve learned from being a big interent guy is some people will click on anything. You ever scroll twitter or facebook and see something and be like what hell lmfao!?! Haha oh shit did you just do that right now lmfao!

Anyway dude Zuckerberg is a goon, I’m a big fan but maybe the Jews do secretly control our government like Hitler predicted you ever think of that?

maxresdefault (1)

Makes you think.

Sorry for tricking you with this clickbait. But please check out the site and read more blogs I swear this is the only true and honest clickbait the rest at least have some jokes and you’ll like it probably.

I am Budd Dwyer. Peace.

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