Netflix Recommendation Of The Week: Heat


This was just very recently added to Netflix within the last couple days or so. It’s a classic.

The first time the movie titans of their time Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino teamed up on a project since The Godfather Part II where they never shared any screen time. In this, they share a few minutes here and there.

Heat is a 1995 cops and robbers movie set in Los Angeles. Al Pacino’s the cop and Robert DeNiro, Val Kilmer, and Danny Trejo are the robbers. It’s got a hell of a cast with people like a teenage Natalie Portman and Jon Voight in bit parts that are fully developed. Michael Mann wrote and directed it, it’s basically Ben Affleck’s The Town if it was made in the early 90’s.

To sell this short would be a crime, and words can’t do it justice. Mann created this very much in a Miami Vice type world. But it’s an epic crime drama with a greater cast of actors. Christopher Nolan sites the film as one of his favorites and the Los Angeles in the film is what influenced him when creating the city of Gotham in his dark knight trilogy. Dark, dirty, and powerful. Corrupt, and fucking massive. Everything is there. People are rich, people are dirty, people want more.

Little Taste:

You could start that around 4:30, or watch the whole thing. Couple great actors going head to head being men you don’t wanna fuck with.

-To the boozies, peace

-Budd not Buddy


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