Do People Still Play “Yellow Punch Buggy No Punch Back”?

I reminisce:

To a time when you were 8 years old. You’re on a road trip from your hometown to a city a few towns over or maybe even out of state if you live in a shitty state. You’re parents are in the front seats and you got two friends with you in the back. One is playing a game on his new GameBoy Color. The other is listening to music on his mp3 player that’s not an iPod nano because his parents are fucking poor haha what a loser. You’re sitting on the right window seat because that’s the fucking best seat in the back we can all agree with that right? It’s been about 15 minutes on the highway and shit’s starting to get boring when you see this:

1998-volkswagen-new beetle-side_vwbet982

Ohhhh fuck yea. You quickly turn to the kid in the middle, look for a good spot on his upper arm, wind back as far as the claustrophobic back seat will let you and crack the dude as hard as you can.

“Yellow punch buggy, no punch back!”

The kid’s initial reaction is somewhere along the lines of “Aw what the fuck!” but then he realizes what you said. And he looks for the buggy. There it is, a hundred feet in front of your car cuz your parents are pussies who follow the rules of the road.  He turns to the kid on his left but too late, that kid is already winding up and cracks him on his other arm.

“Yellow punch buggy no punch back!”

Fuck! Sucks for that kid. Now he’s not playing his GameBoy Color anymore. He’s fuckin on the lookout for yellow beatles or buggies or whatever the actual name for that shitty looking car is. But he never sees one. And his arms have purple brown bruises by the time you get to your destination. Or he finds twenty, but you’re all looking for them now and you’re all just punching each other as hard as you fucking can in the backseat while your parents are ignoring you all completely.


Do people even buy those cars anymore? To reminisce/// When I was a young gun I used to want to buy one of those cars for the simple pleasure of knowing that kids in all the cars around me were punching each other in the arm and it was all because of me.

Little Nostalgia for ya.

-Budweiser X. Dwyer Esq.

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