Shuffle Song Of The Day (4/2/18): “If I Lose Myself”(Remix) By Alesso

“If I Lose Myself” (Remix) is a song released in 2013 by Swedish DJ Alesso. The original song was released in 2012 by the group OneRepublic, but this version is way better. This is typically the version that is heard at clubs, and it’s safe to say that it gets the people going. I’m not a huge EDM guy, but I think everybody likes EDM when they’re shitfaced at a bar because the songs are just too catchy to not dance along to. A lot of people hate on EDM artists making remixes like this because they say it steals from the original song, and I can see it both ways. Sometimes remixes suck, and in that case fuck whoever made it. But in cases like this where the new song is way better, I say play on playa. I’m pretty sure OneRepublic made royalties off this remix too, so I doubt they give a shit about it. So as a rule of thumb: If you’re gonna remix a song, you better make sure it’s good. If you make a bad remix of a song, the original creator should be allowed to sue you. This way, shitty musicians will think twice before realizing bad remixes because they can’t afford the lawsuit. Win win situation.

Favorite Lyric(s)

I stared up at the sun,
Thought of all the people,
Places and things I’ve loved

You can feel the light start to tremble,
Washing what you know out to sea,
You can see your life out of the window, tonight
If I lose myself tonight,
It’ll be by your side

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