Netflix Recommendation Of The Week: Trailer Park Boys

I’m only giving this show a shout out cuz there’s a new season that came out a couple days ago EDIT: in like January but I just saw it. Obviously it’s nowhere near their great original seasons 2 through 5 but if you’re like me and are a white drunken stoner who’s been this way since you were 14 than you’re gonna watch every new season they put out regardless of how trash it’s gotten.

I’m not doing a good job selling this show. So watch this:

That’s Ricky. He’s a fucking idiot. We like him.

So the show is basically a stoner retarded mockumentary type comedy about a couple of degenerate alcoholic stoner criminals in Nova Scotia or some other Canadian trailer park. Each season is them pretty much coming up with a new scheme to get rich by selling weed or stealing weed or some shit and at the end of each season they get arrested. Fuck you if you haven’t seen it pussy just fucking smoke a joint and watch it I’m not gonna explain anymore.

Anyways, for the people who know the show I gotta thinker for you:


Randy, Fat Gut Randy.

He’s had that gut since like 2001. Do you think he’s just had that gut for 18 years straight or do you think he as a fucking actor puts the gut on for every season and then takes it off when they’re not filming? I feel like that would be ten times harder to do, keep taking it off and putting it back on, so does he just live with that gut forever? Is it worth it? I wonder how much that dude gets paid and I wonder who he’s fucking, cuz I don’t know if being on TPB is worth walking around with an extra 35 lbs in the mid section for the rest of your life. I couldn’t live with that fucking gut for 20 years. I mean he rocks it, straight murders the look, it’s his signature, but god damn I hope he’s compensated well for it. That’s commitment.

Also this is the last season with Jim Lahey due to John Dunsworth’s death a few months back. Rest in Peace to my dawg.


What a fuckinloss to the drunk community. Big time hero.

I dropped this on Monday cuz yesterday was the day the Lord rose from the dead and then immediately ascended to heaven just to prove to all the mortal losers he’s better than you and then be like peaccceeee. Have respect.

-Buddy D

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