Easter Candy Is Better Than Halloween Candy: MY COLUMN

Easter candy makes Halloween candy look like a little bitch.

Listen, when I was a kid Halloween was the shit just like when everyone was a kid. You put on blackface (back when it was still cool), a dread-fro wig, and a Manny Ramirez jersey and collect all the free candy you could grab. I’d have about one full pillow case by the end of the night. Halloween is a top 3 day for candy in the year 100%, probably even top 2 day. But it’s no Easter candy.

Not that strong a take, if you think about it, I’m right. I’m rarely wrong. But most people just think Candy holiday = Halloween. They’re mistaken.


At halloween, the candy is plentiful. More so than any day of the year, sure.

But at Easter, the candy is better. Straight fact. The Reese’s have more peanut butter. Cadbury creme eggs exist, when I’m pretty sure they don’t during any other time of year. Peeps people love or hate, I’m still a love guy but can’t put em away like I used to. The Snickers are better, the starburst, skittles, everything’s in larger egg form, Jellybeans, I could go on. I don’t really fuck with the big chocolate bunny’s if we’re being real.

Halloween’s got nothin but a lot of candy. Easter’s got originality, candy, but shaped like eggs and bunnies. Even Valentine’s Day has that whole heart shaped shtick. Halloween’s weak the more I think of it.

-Bud D


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