Podcast or Fuck Myself?

Alrighty you degenerate boozehounds. Quick post here. I’m trying to try new things, and I have two ideas I have yet to try. Should I: A.) Make a funny podcast entailing drinking stories and unveiling mind-blowing shit, or B.) Go fuck myself?

Both options could be enjoyable (can’t knock till you try it), or could end horribly wrong. A podcast has potential, but the markets flooded like a burst pipe in Stop and Shop. Fucking myself could turn out to be a new hobby, but could involve a messy cleanup. And that is exactly my dilemma. I can’t make my mind up over anything. My mom always says, “Hey scoop, you got 2 options so figure it out.” Well mom, I’m going to ask a bunch (2-3) of mush-brain drunk-fucks on the internet for their two cents. Do people even read anymore? Barstool started as a blog (I think?) Now those douchebags are killing it on platforms I give a fuck about like instagram. Whatever, my mom just made pizza rolls so I gotta go.

fuck ursefl.png
Photo of Seascoop banging himself from behind. Circa 2018.

So tell me what to do. My brain is too wet to make its own choices.

-SeizePoop Out

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